InnerCHANGE South Asia

In 2009, an experienced leader of InnerCHANGE struck out to establish a second Novo-IC site in Asia.

After visiting several countries, learning about the challenges and opportunities that the poor face in those contexts, considering social and cultural factors, and conducting two years of first-hand research, she chose the capital of “the Delta”.

She was then joined by another individual who had been working in the region and a young family from the U.S. The fledgling team spent a year going deeper in language study and neighborhood research before immersing themselves in a lower-middle-class, densely populated Muslim neighborhood where they are the only foreign residents.

This team recently established a professional leadership development company as the primary vehicle for influencing local leaders and seeing systemic change that impacts the lives of the poor.

Due to facing illness and stressful living situations, teammates have not stayed and the “team” is now one person.

The team’s leadership and consulting business in this creative access country is looking for additional professionally trained and experienced staff to join them.

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